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Diagnostic Checks

We use the latest technology to troubleshoot the issue with your outboard motor. Once we pinpoint where the problem is, we’ll create a custom plan of action to fix it. We understand that sometimes finances are limited. We always take this into consideration, will work with you and can create a plan of action that stays within your budget.

Running issues

We are well-equipped to diagnose any issue your engine may be giving you. Our professional technicians are worked hard in order to fix the engine in a better way.

Long Blocks

If your old motor just plain blows up or you lose a cylinder you purchase a new engine block, we carefully remove the old engine parts so that we can use them for your new engine installation.

Steering System Repair

Is the steering feeling a bit stiff or not reacting in a timely manner? Our team of experts will diagnose and fix the problem and have you back in the water in no time.

Sound Professional Advice and Assistance

We go the extra mile after completing your outboard motor repair. Our team is always willing to share tips on how to better care for your outboard motor to keep it running efficiently.

Turn Key Engines

If you rather purchase a complete new or used motor, we can install it!


Our Core Values

Our Core Values

Our core values are more than we expound on following page. We believe in actions rather than words. Behind our success there are our core values. They are the best and pure services that we provide you. Take a look at how our values work for you:

Best Dealers: Gerekos Marine Services is established to provide the best services along with the best and authorized Dealing and selling new or used outboard motors, boats, tender boats, jet ski and marine accessories.

Uni Worth Team: Our team, comprised of highly experienced Senior Mariners and Marine Engineers, provides a range of flexible assistance solutions to deliver operational and safety assurance. Our people offer the dedicated and specialist knowledge and skills required by our clients to ensure absolute confidence in the integrity and operational efficiency of their marine assets. We are your one-stop shop for all your marine needs. Our skilled mechanics and technicians are the best in the business and can solve any issues with your outboard motor. We can get the job done on all makes and models including Johnson, Mercury, Evinrude, Yamaha, Suzuki, Honda and many more!
Nothing is as frustrating as gathering the kids together in a hurry, only for your marine and boat to not start. Outboard motors, while dependable most of the time, also fail. When out at sea, your number one priority should always be the reliability of your outboard motor.
At GerekosMarine services, our collective experience in outboard motor repair and maintenance gives us a winning edge. Our comprehensive range of marine services has wide and tremendous potential to win you through and through!

Massive Potential: We have well-enough potential to assist you. However, Gerekos Marine offers comprehensive maintenance & repair services to get you back on the water, fast.No matter the make and model of your boat or the type of engine, we have the skills and tools to maintain and repair almost any make or model of boat or yacht or engine.

Trustworthy: you can trust on us that how we give you an estimate of cost of repairing with sincerity and honesty. You can rely on the competence of our technicians we back their work with a worry-free warranty.

Caring: We care about the details, and it shows in the precision of our work and our commitment to quality control we have a full-time QC technician to double-check work at all stages of the marine repair process. We also offer better insurance claims management and other services to ensure a better customer experience.

Hardworking: we work hard to fix your marine and boat in a timely cost-efficient manner. Behind our hard work, there is your satisfaction. And it is pretty truth that your satisfaction gives us sense of pleasure along with much confident.

Grateful: The friendly voices on the phone and smiles at the door let you know we appreciate your business.

Generous: We go above and beyond competitive pay and benefits to insure we have happy team members who are happy to help our clients and customers. We also invite our team members to let us know of community projects to which we can contribute our time, talent and financial support.

Innovative Team: We have included each member much innovative in our technicians team. We are not learnt to compromise any kind of quality. Because our first priority is to earn the customer.

Our core values drive our business on a right track. And it gives us sense of pleasure along with satisfaction that you have peace of mind that you and your marine as well as boat are going to be taken care of.